Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Writing a Press Release for Pub Crawl

I needed to write a press release for Pub Crawl. I have done a night school journalism course at the london school of printing, but that was a while ago. So I did a search on google and found lots of articles about how to write one. The first paragraph needs to have most of the information. The who, what, where, when or why of the story.

Does the release need pictures or just text?

Well I did both. One with the poster at the top. The story I went with is that I started 555 Films while I was unemployed. I had already been writing scripts and I had written the Pub Crawl script, just after the 2006 Grand National. I did go out and watch the race in the pub, with my mates. I had thought about writing a script about conversations down the pub. I liked the idea of how it tends to change the drunker you get.

Tony comes up with plan for solving all the worlds problems, in a bar, usually this is a sign of being very drunk and is the sort of thing you totally forget in the morning. Paul and Bill discussing the lottery. Bill likes to buy a ticket so he has a chance of winning, while Paul thinks it’s a waste of time, because a 14,000,000 to 1 chance is no chance.

Bob talking about making a movie called Pub Crawl, Jaz his lawyer who has invested in one of his past movies and who he has had an affair with, while remaining friends. Ray, Bill, Tony, Mick and Bob played in a band and used to go to see bands in Camden Town, in the 80’s. So they talk about gigs they remember. Bill remembers losing his jacket and walking home cold on a white christmas.

None of this conversation is in the press release to get that you have to watch the movie. Penny could have written a much better press release than I did, as she’s been a journalist for twenty years...

So now I have the press release, I’m using PressGo to send it out and I’ve booked the Soho Screening Room for the press screening. What exactly is supposed to go in a Press Kit? I think I should have hired a PR company..

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