Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Trailer for new Pirates movie... posted from YouTube... I didn't know I could do that... isn't tech marvelous.

It wouldn't let me type, but I figured it out... still can't change font as menu drops down behind movie... really useful there blogger tech peeps.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Crowd Funding in the UK

I've found New Crowd Funding website based in the UK, called Sponsume.com. It's Free to use and is all or nothing funding, similar to Kickstarter in the USA. That is you only get the money if you reach the full target in the time you pick for the project.

Rather than offering investment in your movie or project, you offer rewards, like signed DVD's, Tee Shirts, Producer credits or thanks on the movie credits.

I have started a project to try and help with Self Distribution funding for the Film premiere and the URL is http://www.sponsume.com/project/pub-crawl

Check it out and you can use it to get on guest list for Pub Crawl Film Premiere, if you can get to London on 29th March 2011 and fancy a movie, a band and some beer.

SEX DRUGS DEATH - Book Preview

I've started writing next book based on a couple of my scripts. 

The scripts are:

Zombie Biker Girls is a low budget movie set in Los Angeles. A Hells Angel film production company are making a Zombie movie staring a real Zombie . . .   a Hollywood agent.

Sex Drugs Death Three Hookers rob the Chicago Chinese Triads and the Mob of millions of dollars and drugs and escape on Motorcycles down Route 66 to LA.

The scripts have some characters in common. I'm calling the book Sex Drugs Death

There is a preview on Createspace here