Thursday, 24 February 2011

Google Adverts

I’ve added Google Adverts to the website in the hope of making a little bit of money. It all helps.

I’m trying use YouTube promoted video’s, but all I can find is Google AdWords in my Google account. When I select Promoted video’s, it just takes my to my YouTube account.

I can’t seem to find the promoted video reports, that I saw when I created the campaign.

I’m not spending much, just seeing how it works. my bids for a click thru are £0.02. I should have selected dollars so I could bid lower.

So far none of the ads have run and it seems to be saying I need an AdWords specialist to look over the words I’ve selected.

THe other thing is it gives information on how much bids are for the words I have and the smallest is £0.55 going up to £2.00. This may be fine if I was selling a car, but I’m trying to sell a $3.95 internet movie viewing.

I think I would go broke quick if I pay £2 so as someone can think about wether he will down load our movie for £3. I must be doing something wrong somewhere. I’ve Emailed youTube sales, no reply so far.

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