Tuesday, 22 February 2011

An Internet Festival for the Rest of Us

In my other post I mentioned the idea of doing a Reject FIlm Festival, an Internet Film Festival for the Film that don’t make it into the major festivals.

What purpose would it serve?

1. It would help publicise Indie low budget movies
2. It might those films get into some smaller festivals
3. I’m curious to see what doesn’t get in.
4. If you’re like me, you probably think your movie is great and can’t understand why it didn’t get into Cannes and Sundance
5. Maybe your right...

OK I’ve been checking out Internet film festivals and so far I don’t think any of them have even got started.

The sites I’ve been finding from google are pretty much dead. They will be accepting films in the future, but they are stuck in the past.

It just did not happen. I don’t want to fall into the same trap.

Things I’ve figured out so far.

1. You need a cool name, most of the sites seem to have spent most of their time trying to think up cool names.
2. Then they mock up what the site might do with a simple website that does not actually work.
3. The they give up, go to sleep, run out of money or energy and the website sort of dies.

I’m not going to name any names...

The problem that I see is f you don’t have something that pretty much unctions as a film festival on day one, then I don’t think it will ever work.

So I think I need...

1. A cool name.
2. A way of taking features, Documentaries and shorts from filmmakers, we need their info, their film and a small fee.
3. Decide on a fee features $20, Docs $20 and shorts $10.
4. Have a non exclusive licence that allows filmmakers to shut down film downloads.
5. Have a time period films will be in the festival for, say 1 year.
6. Have a chart top 100 films based on downloads, shorts have their own chart.
7. Figure out how films get higher in the chart views, downloads or votes.
8. We can do2 and 3 by accepting films from Withoutabox.
9. Accept DVD or secure screeners from Withoutabox.
10. Have a preferred display format 16x9 is display as 160x90 or 320x180 or 430 x 270. Also accept 4:3 and 2.35:1.
11. By keeping films low rez it allows for sell thrus of DVD’s from Createspace.
12. Try and get sponsorship from Createspace.
13. By keeping rez low on films we also reduce the amount of webspace and bandwidth the film festival uses.
14. Figure out how to show festival entries.
15. have name of movie, date, budget, festival rejection list, movie website, facebook, myspace, twitter, trailer, movie stream or download and comments.
16. A search site facility.
17. Recommended new movies.
18. Genres top 10 charts features, documentary, action, thriller, comedy, drama, world, short.
19. Awards for top of charts film of the week, film of the month.
20. Festivals are monthly 04.2010 april 2010 RIFF.04.2010 for Reject Internet Film Festival 04/2010
21. Save old charts.
22. is there a way to import a movie to hard drive then save it as a movie in low rez or do I need filmmakers to send in .mov format?
23. Is Apple quicktime to much of a restriction
24. Do we need to use Apples Quicktime Streaming server (Darwin), WebBbject and java.
25. I think we need a database type website.
26. Or we could hand build the whole thing and drag in quicktime files.
27. The hand built thing will not give enough information on votes or views.

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