Friday, 26 March 2010

555 Films

I just found out I have a blog... so a little bit about what 555 Films are doing.

Back in November 2009 we made a low budget movie based on one of my scripts.

I am producer, director and writer of Pub Crawl.

It is about a pub crawl in Camden Town on Grand National race day. The race is actually the 2006 Grand National.

The film was shoot on a Canon XHA1, which I got from ebay, Peter Tomaszewicz did the sound. We used a boom microphone directly ok plugged into the camera.

I edited the film in through december 2009 and so far rough cuts of the film have been entered into some festivals.

We didn't get into SXSW, Tribeca, San Francisco or Cannes.

I'm hoping it will get into a UK festival LIFF (London Independent Film Festival) or Raindance.

At the moment I'm trying to clear music publishing. It is very hard to get prices, when you don't a have a distributor. Even to show at film festivals.

Personally I think the music publishers should agree a license that can be given to festivals so they can show films with uncleared music and it should work the same way a venue with a DJ has a license for music.

So I am looking on myspace for unsigned bands we can use in the movie sound track.

Leave a comment if you are interested in having your music in a low budget feature with a link and I will check it out.

Current temporary sound track has Madness, Nutty Boys, Elvis Costello, J J Cale, Robin Trower, Thin Lizzy, Toots & the Maytals, Los Lobos and the stranglers.

Some reggae, The Liquidator, Pressure Drop and Return from Django, can't seem to find the music publishers for these.

Although the movie is set in 2006, there is talk about Camden back in the old days, so I've included music I remember from the 70's and 80's.

Mainly looking for Ska, reggae, Indie bands, punk and rock.