Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How not to Write a Book

I published my book Megachrist.com on Createspace. If you haven’t checked it out, Creatspace is a great place to publish books, Film DVD’s and Music.

Anyway I first started writing screenplays and I was inspired by Robert Rodreiguez ’s first film “El Mariachi”. I also read his book about making the movie Rebel without a Crew

So I wrote some film scripts. Some big budget and some low budget.

I also started looking into production, to see if I could produce one of my low budget scripts.

I don’t know why, but the other thing was at about the same time I read the Harry Potter first book. I liked how small it was and I got the idea, that maybe I should try writing a book.

One of the first scripts I wrote was based on Harry Potter, but the story moved to New York and it was a college for evil megalomanic Wizard who wanted to mostly take over the world. So this was bad wizards in an american college. Not really a low budget movie.

So I had some scripts and rather than converting books to scripts, I went the other way and converted one of my low budget scripts to a book. This is the megachrist.com book, but it was a bit short and as one of the characters was a sc-fi writer, I added the book he was writing into Megachrist.com. I also added a book, the main character Kate was writing.

So Megachrist.com is made from 2 film scripts and a couple of short stories. The one script wasn’t long enough for a whole book.

Publishing on Createspace was fairly easy. I used Microsoft Word to layout a manuscript and outputted it as a PDF file.

I have the proof copy, which I’m reading. It needs a little more editing, but I think it is OK to get most of the story. So I have approved the copy and it should come up on Amazon.

The other reason for writing the book, is now I can sell the movie rights to the book, it seems some people think films are better if they are adapted from books.

How not to write a book... don’t start with a screenplay

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