Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sex Drugs Death - eBook

My second book Sex Drugs Death is out on Apple iBooks and Amazon kindle.

Here is the write up from Amazon:

Three Hookers rob the Chicago Chinese Triads and the Mob... of millions of dollars and drugs and escape on Harley Davidson’s and travel down Route 66 to sell the drugs in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile in LA… Debra Silvers a screen writer is working on a script with her father Jack Golden a producer and her husband director Bob Silvers. The movie is about an affair that she had with her mother.

Her mother Gillian Golden, a famous Hollywood Agent and does not want the movie made. She tries to get them to stop by faking a suicide attempt, but it goes wrong and she dies, but a Voodooo Witchdoctor brings her back as a Zombie God.

She meets some biker filmmaker’s, Sam and Chrissy in a rock club and they decide to make a movie the Zombie Biker Girls.

Sam and Chrissy are also the fences for the hookers drug deal. The Triads and the Mob, want their drugs and money back... and they want the girls dead.

A nympho, a drug addict and a killer. These are Charlie’s Devil’s... SEX DRUGS DEATH.

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