Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pub Crawl Webisodes

I’ve been looking into making webisodes from Pub Crawl movie to try and market it. By keeping them down to 15 minutes or less I can upload them to YouTube.

So far the film breaks down to 14 Webisodes, varying in time from 7 minutes to 14 minutes.

It would be great to get some sponsors, but I don’t think it will happen.

I used Final Cut Pro to edit the Webisodes from the movie footage. It has a widescreen look to it, as it is in 2.35 aspect ratio.

Pub Crawl Webisode list is as follows:
  1. 1.The Oxford arms
  2. 2.The Hawley arms
  3. 3.The Lock Tavern
  4. 4.The Barfly
  5. 5.The Fiddlers Elbow
  6. 6.The Enterprise
  7. 7.Diner
  8. 8.The Barfly Again
  9. 9.The Bouncer
  10. 10.The Good Mixer
  11. 11.More Good Mixer
  12. 12.THe Dublin Castle
  13. 13.The Band
  14. 14.THe End

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