Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pub Crawl Widescreen and Colour Grading

I’ve been trying to do a widescreen edit of Pub Crawl movie and I have also been using Final cut to do some colour grading.

One thing that I have noticed is when trying to compress the widescreen film so I can put it on DVD or the internet there seem to be some problems.

Final cut has a filter that allows you to have a widescreen look to your movie. You can choose 2.35 as one of the options, this is what most movies like Transformers use. When you go to the cinema and the screen widen’s out this is what is being projected.

If you are making a movie using a 35mm camera, there are various ways of getting widescreen onto film, using special lenses.

Another way is to just crop the top and bottom of a 16 x 9 video or film. This is what Final Cut Widescreen filter does.

The you output the file from FCP as a Quicktime movie, hoping that it is saved in the right aspect ratio of 1 to 2.35. Only it doesn’t, it outputs as 1888 x 1062, which is about 1 to 1.175.

It should be 1888 x 804 or 1920 x 816. If you want to show on DVD then 720 x 306 would be right and a 1440 x 612 file should be fine in theory working with iDVD to get the film onto DVD.

What the video convertors seem to be doing is outputting a file with black bands on the top and bottom of the film rather than cropping the film to the right video size.

The best program that I have found for doing video conversion is MPEG Streamclip by Squared 5. Just drag the .mov output file from FCP onto the MPEG window then you can output an mp4 file in the right resolution.

It takes  along time to convert, especially if you get Streamclip to do multiple passes.

One thing that I have found with FCP is that if you set the filters for widescreen 2.35 and the 3 colour correction on one video clip then copy the clip. You can paste the filter attributes to multiple video clips, rather than having to edit filters on each clip.

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